The policy of the integrated management system (IMS) of the company Progen Solutions LLC Leskovac is an integral part of the company's overall business policy. It is based on the market- oriented business system and on principles of the management system whose basic task is constant improvement of the quality of the entire business with the aim of meeting the needs and expectations of all involved parties. The basic goals of Progen Solutions LLC Leskovac are constant and coordinated development, quality and reliability of all business activities and of all production processes for the production of highly specialized innovative chemical agents for industrial and institutional cleaning. The IMS policy of Progen Solutions LLC Leskovac is accomplished through:

  • establishment and improvement of IMS (QMS – ISO 9001, EMS – ISO 14001 i OH&S 45001);
  • understanding the needs and constantly improving the satisfaction of all involved parties, as well as the market itself, which is becoming more dynamic and complex every day;
  • retention of existing and acquiring of new markets through fact-based decision-making;
  • cherishing relationships with clients, customers, and partners that we have gained through our expertise, reliability and flexibility;
  • careful monitoring of business environment and constant optimization of the expenditure structure in order to ensure continuity of the quality, profitability, our position on the market, and employee satisfaction;
  • unreserved engagement of top management;
  • compliance with relevant legislation;
  • healthy development of the company, which encompasses significant investments in people and equipment, full involvement of all employees in the implementation of the process and their constant education, training, improvement, specialization, and motivation;
  • continuous work on improving the achieved quality level of all processes that make up the business system, thereby improving effectiveness and competitiveness on the market;
  • research, development and innovations in response to increasingly complex market demands;
  • raising the level of work quality, creating safe and healthy conditions for work, without professional diseases and injuries at work;
  • raising the level of environmental protection through the use of chemicals that protect the environment whenever possible;
  • implementation of constant activities for preventing possible negative impacts on the environment, safety and health at work, as well as through their permanent reduction;
  • respecting the requirements of all involved parties – clients, customers, partners, employees, suppliers, the communities which we operate in, and the society in general – with the aim of being a socially responsible company;
  • constant improvement of every aspect of the company, which represents the essential part of our business culture.