Packaging units:
  • 25 kg
  • 12 kg

Remoyl L

Bicomponent degreaser and cleaner

REMOYL L is a highly-concentrated bicomponent alkaline degreaser for external cleansing and degreasing of engines, prewash and wash of trucks, refrigerator trucks, awnings, cars, rims, wheels, as well as for floors in industrial facilities. Used with high and low-pressure equipment, for manual and for submerging wash. Use only on alkali-resistant surfaces. Do not apply on linoleum, wood and aluminium. Dilution: for cars and general prewash use 1:70-1:100, for wheels, rims and standard washing 1:40-1:60, and 1:10 for engine cleansing. Thoroughly rinse with water afterwards. Do not apply on hot surfaces and do not let dry. Shake energetically before use.

For industry and institutions
For automated application
Wear personal protective equipment