We are committed to:

  • Understanding our customers’ needs, as well as the market itself which is becoming increasingly dynamic, complex, and challenging.
  • Fostering customer relations which have developed as a result of our expertise, reliability and flexibility.
  • Responding to customers’ increasingly complex requests through tireless research and innovations. We do love the excitement of scientific research and fruitful team work.
  • A healthy development policy which allows significant investment into people and infrastructure. This is a win-win – you get top quality products whereas we earn enough to have a decent life and the possibility to grow and develop.
  • A sense of responsibility toward customers and ourselves. We do not lack motivation in any company division.
  • Watchful monitoring over business environment and constant cost structure optimization in order to secure our market position, quality, profitability, and satisfied employees.
  • Environment protection through usage of Ecolabel and other green chemicals wherever and whenever possible.
  • Continuous company development as the essential part of corporate culture. These are not just empty words for us.

Since our foundation in 2016 we have been diligently working to become the synonym for quality, reliability and professionalism. We believe that it is the winning combination for a perspective future.