Packaging units:
  • 25 kg


Alkaline detergent for cleaning of aluminium surfaces

ALUMAL is alkaline low-foaming detergent with aluminium corrosion inhibitors for versatile application area across industries. It penetrates organic and inorganic soils, removes proteins, fat, oils, scorched yeast, residues of hop and other grain residues in food and beverage processing industry. Specially designed for curing bars, smoking frames, and racks in smokehouses, as well as for fermentation tanks and vessels. Applicable for CIP, both manually and for automated cleaning processes. Make 1:100-1:10 dilution, let work 10-60 min at 20-80 °C and rinse with water. Dilution, time, and temperature adjust according to the specific needs. Do not let dry. Particularly designated for aluminium.

For industry and institutions
For automated application
Wear personal protective equipment