Packaging units:
  • 25 kg


Low-foaming alkaline detergent with active chlorine for cleaning in food industry

LODAL is low-foaming agent for degreasing, cleaning and active chlorine-treatment of all alkali-tolerant surfaces in food processing industry. It is used for cleaning of crates, forwarding cases, trolleys, cutters, containers, knifes, aprons, boots and other utensils and equipment. Due to low foam it can be used in specialized cleaning machines. Applicable both with pressure equipment and manually. Optimal dilution 1:100-1:40 with warm water (50-60 °C). Apply on surface, allow to work 10-20 min and rinse with water. Do not use on aluminium, copper, brass, wood and linoleum.

For industry and institutions
For automated application
Contains active chlorine
Wear personal protective equipment