Packaging units:
  • 25 kg
  • 12 kg


Alkaline detergent with active chlorine

PANEL is one of the most effective cleaners available in the food industry thanks to a blend of polymeric surfactants, hydroxide, active chlorine and special additives. Applicable on tiles, stainless steel, epoxy floors and other alkali-resistant surfaces in abattoirs, smokehouses, bakeries, oil distilleries, etc. Ideal for removal of dried-on smoke, fat, and similar soils from walls and floors in production facilities, doors, conveyer belts, work benches, and other equipment. Use 1:30-1:10 dilution with high-pressure cleaners or manually and undiluted concentrate for stubborn stains. Do not apply on aluminium, brass, and copper.

For industry and institutions
For automated application
Contains active chlorine
Wear personal protective equipment