Packaging units:
  • 24 kg


Acidic detergent for cleaning in food industry

PENACID is an acidic formulation with active foam for versatile application in industry and institutions. It is applied for removing water scale, lime scale, incrusted dirt, rust, and other soiling on acid-resistant surfaces such as tiles and stainless steel in food processing areas, professional kitchens, warehouses, and sanitary areas (showerrooms and toilets). To be used manually or with pressure cleaners. Stable and compact foam allow for longer contact time even on vertical surfaces thus providing excellent efficiency. Make 1:20-1:5 dilution, apply on surface, allow to work 5-20 min and rinse with water. Adjust dilution and contact time according to the degree of soiling. Use undiluted concentrate for extremely stubborn dirt. May be corrosive on marble and copper.

For industry and institutions
For automated application
Wear personal protective equipment